Zero Food Waste Week Two

  • Jul 21, 2020
  • By Glice Manlangit

Staying true to our commitment to donate our unsold goods after every market day, we reached out to two beneficiaries this week. This covers for market days July 15 and July 18-19.

As part of our continuous efforts to implement our Zero Food Waste program, we have been in search of partner organizations who welcome our donations of fruits and vegetables.

Pasig City Community Kitchen

At the height of CoVid-19 Pandemic, the PCCK has been cooking hearty meals to Pasig City's frontliners, at a regular rate of 10,000 packs a day. Recently, they scaled down operations to serving 3,500 meals a day.


Grace To Be Born

Grace To Be Born is a Maternity Home and Nursery; a halfway house that serves as a temporary shelter for pregnant unwed mothers and a children orphanage. Some of the women are caught in dysfunctional and abusive relationships, most of them are contemplating to abort their unborn children because of their current situation. Thankfully, they have found a safe haven in Grace To Be Born. 


At present, the foundation is a shelter to 25 children and 6 pregnant mothers.

Help us give more. Order your fresh produce weekly.

If you wish to donate more, please get in touch with us through Pat at +639672317786.


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