How to Create a Healthy Grocery List

  • May 06, 2022
  • By Glai Manlangit

How To Create A Healthy Grocery List

If you're like many of us who want to start choosing healthier food options for your family, the best way to stop shooting random snacks into your cart is to prepare a grocery shopping list beforehand.


It may be hard to build the ultimate healthy grocery list at first, but having it as you go through aisle after aisle can help you save money and time—that is, if you stick to the list.


How do I start building my healthy grocery list?


Knowing what you want to eat before a grocery run can help kickoff your list!
Start looking for healthy meal recipes that you would like to try, and take note of their ingredients. Organizing your list based on food categories is also a good approach. 

And if you're familiar with a local grocery store’s floor plan, list the items you'll need per aisle to save you more time.



Although having a meal plan is not a requirement, it will encourage you to stick to your list and not get enticed and reach for unhealthy items.


If you have a sweet tooth and can’t say no to desserts or snacks, add these to the bottom of your list, but keep the amount to a minimum.

If you’re interested, check our  beginner’s guide to meal planning


What foods should be in my healthy grocery list?




Below are some of the foods that you can write down on your list to start eating healthy:

 1. Fresh Produce

Fruits and vegetables are a must on your healthy grocery list. Make sure to only get what you need as some are quick to perish.

You can also try eating different fruits or vegetables each week to expand your palate.

2. Proteins

- Eggs
3. Carbohydrates
-Whole grain bread
-Brown Rice

4. Dairy Products
- Cheese
- Greek yogurt
- Skim milk or reduced fat milk, almond milk
- Unsalted butter (mostly used for cooking or baking)


5. Fats -- the healthy kind!
- Olive oil
- Peanut butter
- Nuts (almond, pistachio, cashew)
- Pesto

6. Beverages
- Decaffeinated coffee
- Tea

7. Condiments and dressing
- Balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar
- Hot sauce
- Tomato ketchup
Raw Honey

8. Snacks
You can still add a favorite snack on your healthy grocery list, but keep it to a minimum.

As much as possible, do not consume them on a daily basis, especially if you know that they are unhealthy.

Take your healthy grocery shopping list for a test!

Once you have finalized your master grocery list filled with healthy food choices, it’s time to hit the aisles. Always remember to only get what you will most likely consume within a week or two to avoid wastage. 


The list is YOURS—add, subtract, tweak it as you go along—and eventually, you will know what works for you and what doesn’t.






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