Strawberry | 3 Packs for Ph...

Fresh Strawberries sourced from Benguet province. Sold per packNet weight: 250gWidely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness, strawberries are must-haves on your fruit delights.*Price is subject to change due to...
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Koko's Crispy Mushrooms | P...

Koko's Crispy Mushrooms Sold per Pack | 100g Try our locally-grown mushrooms Koko's Urban Mushroom Farm was established in 2014 using locally-grown Oyster Mushrooms to support our Filipino Farmers. Best mushrooms in the Philippines Cooked...

Bay Leaves | 10g

Dried Bay Leaves for seasoning.  Net weight: 10g An aromatic condiment to your everyday cooking. Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. *Price is subject to change...

Star Anise | 15g

Star Anise for seasoning.  Net weight: 15g Spice things up in your savory meat dishes with star anise. t often is added whole to soups, stews and braising broths, to which it adds a sweet-licorice-peppery flavor....

Ginger Tea | Bottle

Ginger Tea Sold per bottle | 360g Try our Ginger Tea sourced from Romblon, Philippines   What are the benefits of Ginger Tea?   Ginger Tea can improve digestion, boost blood circulation, and relieve inflammation,...

Curry Powder | 50g

Curry Powder for seasoning  Net weight: 50g Who would have a tasty curry without a warm dash of curry powder? Available now! *Price is subject to change due to the availability and season of the...

Jasmine Denorado | Per KG

Jasmine Denorado  Freshly milled premium quality rice delivered to your doorstep.  Net weight: 1kg

Tinnie's Peanut Butter

Enjoy the taste of homemade and all-natural peanut butter fresh from Romblon. Choose from a variety of crunchy, creamy, and sugar-free options. Available in small and medium sizes.