Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Fresh Produce Subscription Box

  • Oct 02, 2022
  • By Glai Manlangit

Do you still remember how our typical weekend looked like before we got cooped up in our own homes?

How we'd usually spend Sunday brunch with family or friends with pancakes and freshly brewed coffee?


And then we'd wrap up brunch and get ready for the main agenda of the shopping. 


Covid-19 pandemic was definitely an effective catalyst in impacting human behavior.


All of a sudden, we were so concerned with observing proper hygiene and staying away from crowded places.


Let's be honest, Covid-19 has not only changed our brunching habits. It has also changed our view towards grocery shopping.


It has also changed our view towards grocery shopping.


man swiping on tablet with groceries on screen

Traditional grocery shopping can be a tedious task, that’s why a lot of people have shifted online. Instead of walking kilometers to the nearest grocery or waiting in line for hours to buy fresh produce, we have become used to checking online sites first.


Online grocery shopping offers a convenient way to have fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to our door—without lifting a finger.


Now, there's an even better alternative - subscription boxes.



fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in a box



Unlike the normal online grocery delivery service, a subscription box is for those who don’t have the time and energy to go through all of the products on the website. It's even more perfect for those who dislike going to the supermarket.

A subscription box offers a more flexible, cost-efficient and convenient solution to grocery shopping. So you can spend your precious time on what matters most.


With a fresh produce subscription service, you'll receive a variety of fruits and vegetables based on the season and what's available. It also comes with the option to customize based on your preference.


Still not convinced?


5 Reasons Why You Need A Fresh Produce Subscription


Here are the top five reasons why you'll do yourself a favor if you avail of a fresh produce subscription box.


1. Convenience

If you get impatient about long checkout lines and get disoriented with grocery aisles, then the subscription box is ideal for you. Not all grocery stores are designed equal.


There's a small chance you pick the non-organic mangoes, but what if you wanted organic? You're not alone in feeling anxious about making choices in the grocery stores. 


Not all grocery stores are designed equal. There's a small chance you pick the non-organic mangoes, but what if you wanted organic?


You're not alone in feeling anxious about making choices in the grocery stores. 

feeling anxious in a supermarket


Supermarkets are designed to overwhelm you with choices.

An average supermarket carries 44,000 items, while some bigger supermarkets carry even more.


With a subscription box, you won't be dealing with this confusion.



First, you pick your preferred box (mix of vegetables & fruits, fruits only, vegetables only). Next, you pick your preferred delivery schedule and enter your address. Third, pay with your card and then voila, receive your fresh produce box at your doorstep.


As easy and convenient as it can get.


2. Lesser waste

vegetables and bread on countertop

One massive benefit of getting a fresh produce subscription box is waste reduction. 


At the supermarket, the bagger is trained to pack fresh fruits and vegetables in separate plastic bags. Meanwhile, if you subscribe, your fresh produce comes in a sturdy box which you can reuse and recycle. 


Lesser waste overall.


3. Supports Local Farmers



The best produce subscription boxes get their source of local organic produce from a network of small-scale, local growers.


farmers lending a hand


This initiative gives an advantage for local farmers to get their profit directly without the big players taking a cut in the middle. In effect, customers can also enjoy affordable prices of fruits and vegetables.


In the bigger picture, it boosts the local economy and helps mitigate the swelling import costs.



4. Saves Money

Just as the grocery aisles are designed to confuse its buyers, the shopping cart is also designed in that size because a bigger cart means 40% more spending


The big cart size suggests to buyers that it's okay to do some impulse-buying.


With a curated subscription box, it is easier to stick to your weekly budget. It naturally eliminates the paradox of choice.


It goes without saying that opting in for a fresh produce subscription box is the cheaper option.


In addition, most subscription services offer free delivery, or come at a very low cost.


5. Healthier Option


If you prefer a healthy diet, a fresh produce subscription box will be your best friend. Most subscription services offer organic options. If not organic, they're mostly grown in local farms and are non-GMO.


fresh produce delivery


Aside from all the benefits mentioned, if you subscribe, you're assured of getting clean food every week or every month. You can also choose your preferred frequency of delivery.


It simply does all the hard work for you.


How To Sign Up

Ready to subscribe?


You can join the wait-list here


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