It's About Time to #SwitchTheStraw

  • Mar 05, 2020
  • By Glice Manlangit

Saving the Environment One Straw at a Time, introducing the #SwitchTheStraw Movement.

Seattle, McDonald’s, Bon Appetit, and Alaska Airlines. What do these venues have in common?

These places are not just places of renown, with the exception of Seattle which is a US city. There are actually establishments which have vowed to save the planet by choosing to ditch plastic straws when serving their products.

But these brands only make a small portion of the overall number of people who make a public outcry against the seemingly innocent product that is killing the world’s oceans and those which live in it.

To coincide with this goal, the #SwitchTheStraw campaign is also launched which, as the hash tag-slash-campaign label implies the call for business establishments to switch to organic and even edible straws.

The straw in subject is the biodegradable alternative to the plastic straw which is made of rice, directly harvested from farms, as well as  starch which binds everything, thereby making a viable solution to a simple need to sip from a drink.

Aptly called the RiceStraws™, this organic product seeks to provide an eco-friendly solution against a problem that has been killing the environment—and possibly, the rest of the world—if the issue about littering is not stopped.

Although made 100% by organic ingredients which insinuates the likelihood of easy disintegration, the RiceStraws™ is a product that is aimed to last for a few hours which is more than ample enough time for anyone to consume her favorite milk tea, frappe, heck even soda.

And that is what makes the RiceStraws™ indeed a revolutionary and innovative product in the way we sip drinks—as it naturally decomposes, the RiceStraws™ would either already dissolve in drinks before it reaches the ocean or, when it finds its way into the seas, it will dissolve into small pieces for the fish and other marine animals to feed in, no harm done. So there you have it, a product that is all-natural, durable, and turtle-friendly.

What are you waiting for? It's about time to #switchthestraw.



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