Milktea RiceStraws™ - Ecosprout
Milktea RiceStraws™ - Ecosprout
Milktea RiceStraws™ - Ecosprout

Milktea RiceStraws™

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Enjoy your strawberry smoothie with Frappe RiceStraws™!

Durable | Natural | Turtle-friendly


  • 13mm x 20cm
  • Individually wrapped in paper for hygiene and safety
  • 400 pcs per box



Plastic straws last forever - 200 years to be exact, just to decompose. But for how long do we really need them to last? The answer? 28 minutes. For a one-time use on your mango smoothie, they last wayyy beyond our lifespans.


RiceStraws™ last for hours while soaked in liquid, designed to disintegrate but not before you enjoy your mango smoothie. These all-natural straws can last from 2-3 hours for almost any drink you can put your hands on: milk tea, smoothie, orange juice, soda, coffee, plain water? Yes, you can use RiceStraws™ to all of these.



RiceStraws™ are made from 100% plant-based materials: Rice harvested from farms and Starch which serves as its binder. Our unique and special formula made sure that it is also 100% Food Grade. After drinking your mango smoothie, it is perfectly safe to eat the RiceStraws™ too. Free munchies, anyone?

It’s pretty normal for the RiceStraws™ to turn a little soft and slowly dissolve before your eyes, a sure sign it’s made of natural ingredients, right? ;)
With our future-proof technology, RiceStraws™ is designed to break down. We all know waste can only end up in two places. Either in landfills, or in the oceans. Since it’s completely plastic-free, it is 100% compostable too.



The best part is since it’s all-natural, you don’t have to worry about harming our marine life. So if RiceStraws™ don’t end up in the compost, they break down fully before they even reach our oceans. Or when they do, fish and other marine creatures can feed on it. Absolutely no harm done to our planet.

Too good to be true? There’s only one way to know. #switchthestraw